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Exhausting Resolve…

Our agent has been trying to get in contact with the seller agent after he had got angry and told her the deal was off after the bank/seller/asset company rejected our amended offer. She corrected him telling him that there was still a signed agreement between his seller and us, that we had not dissolved the contract, and that he shouldn’t have put the property back on the MLS, which she found out he had done.

It should also be noted that while the property was for sale all summer the property never had a For Sale sign our front, but when we went to have the inspections done on Friday he had put a sign up, after we had signed a purchase agreement.

We called our agent after the inspections, a beat after James told her over speaker phone about the sign, we proudly said “…and then I kicked it over.” It made her laugh, and it made us feel better about the situation. 

Over the course of the last couple weeks our agent says he has become increasingly rude and difficult to work with. He’s becoming hard to read. And we’re running out of time.

We’ve been back and forth with her since yesterday afternoon. Today she found out from his broker (boss) that he had gone on vacation! On vacation! He just up and left and is not answering her calls or e-mails! The property is supposed to close on Monday…it won’t…so it defaults to the 25th (Thursday), but we’re still not sure what is going on. It seems that he wants to rip up the agreement and wash his hands with us. We can’t purchase the property at the current price, which he had said when we signed the agreement could be amended after the inspections, and not he is saying no. We feel like they tricked up in order to get free inspections (which cost us $400 in total).

Needless to say this whole experience is causing some stress. Not to mention that they didn’t even fulfill their part of the purchase agreement which was to have both the water running, and propane on site so we could test the furnace. James contacted his immigration lawyer to see if she can recommend a local one in the event this deal continues to slide south and they continue to breech the contract, or try to keep our earnest money ($1000).

Nightmare? Nightmare.

We are still, however, holding our resolve, but have been thinking that maybe this property is becoming so difficult to obtain because it’s not the right thing for us…despite having already having waited five months to get to this point, and so we start to entertain the idea of the second property on 20 acres…but it feels…wrong. It makes us even sadder. And we feel exhausted.

*fingers crossed*

We just hope it’s worth the fight. We’re getting tired of fighting for everything.

~ Frank, Cassandra, et al

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Fingers and Toes


Amsterdam might be (is, likely) a bust…but there’s still Ireland.

We need more toes and fingers to cross…we can’t keep going on like this. Are we being spoiled to be desiring James get a contract soon so we can get a hot lunch/dinner again, one that’s not instant soup?
Crossing our fingers so we can have some macorni and cheese, and a burger. Maybe spaghetti and meatballs. Fries (or, chips, rather, as the case may be in England). We’re spoiled.

Crossing fingers. Crossing toes. WE NEED MORE FINGERS AND TOES!


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